Anker Universal Car Mount

Ready, steady, go! Think about when you get into your car. Everything’s ready for you to set off, and you want your phone to be handy (and I don’t just mean to give you directions but also to help you sneak preview callers names or to ensure the right podcast is playing, while you drive… Continue reading Anker Universal Car Mount


JETech Case Cover For The iPad Pro 10.5

Couldn't wait When I ordered my new iPad Pro 10.5“ (on the day it became available online), I was told that the delivery would be in a week from that day. I knew I still had time but getting a cover was kind of high priority (yes, I like how the iPad looks but I’m… Continue reading JETech Case Cover For The iPad Pro 10.5


Anker PowerCore 10000mAh

The Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Portable Charger has arrived. Let the phones and tablets’ batteries to drain. The test is about to start. Forget about electrical sockets. You are now the owner of a power brick… Wait. What? How come this power charger fits in your pocket? It’s as large as a credit card and as… Continue reading Anker PowerCore 10000mAh


MoKo Case For Apple Pencil

So what about this pencil pocket? Have you heard about MoKo as a brand? If not, do yourself a favour and go search for it. I confess that I didn’t know about their products until very recently when I bought this Apple Pencil case. Now I’m in the mid of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon 1. The… Continue reading MoKo Case For Apple Pencil


Anker Screen Protector iPad 10.5″

It’s here! The timing for receiving Anker’s screen protector couldn’t be any better as it arrived only a couple of days before the iPad itself was delivered to my home address. That gave me time enough to carefully review the product and then to test it before writing my thoughts down. Unboxed The first thing… Continue reading Anker Screen Protector iPad 10.5″



We all are very busy these days. And the digital world makes us even more hectic. So why should you be reading (and, hopefully, following) this blog? Here you’ll find personal, independent and curated views of all things digital. From short articles to product reviews and some other bits, all in a way that is… Continue reading Welcome