Anker Screen Protector iPad 10.5″

It’s here!

The timing for receiving Anker’s screen protector couldn’t be any better as it arrived only a couple of days before the iPad itself was delivered to my home address. That gave me time enough to carefully review the product and then to test it before writing my thoughts down.


The first thing you’ll notice when you get this product is its package. It comes in a folio-type box which not only keeps it safe from damage but it also shows the quality of the product you are about to unveil.

Inside the box, you’ll find the screen protector itself, wrapped in 2 layers of plastic bags. No chance of it getting damaged – well done Anker! You’ll also get the usual stuff: Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector, alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, positioning stickers, dust removal sticker, bubble removal card, installation guide.

I applied the screen protector and found that I made a bit of mistake to align it with the home button. No worries, just try it again. Its adherence was fantastic even after a couple of attempts. I have used a lot of screen protectors in the past so didn’t use the positioning stickers. The thing is that I also hadn’t had a device this big for a while. So strongly advise you to follow the clear instructions and use the positioning stickers. I’ve used them in the past and can vouch for them.

I’ve used the iPad without the protector for a bit. Then applied it. The Retina Clarity that Anker advertises is real. You can’t tell the difference in terms of screen colours. Could find any glare either.

The other topic I was excited about was to test my new Apple Pencil with this screen protector. It works just as well as without. You can write with the pencil and not notice the latency between devices. So it clearly passed the test with flying marks.

Last but not least, it is a resistant screen protector. Obviously, I haven’t tested dropping heavy objects onto the iPad screen, but I did blend it a bit, and it gave me peace of mind that my iPad’s screen is in good hands.

OH! And it’s always good to know that you count on Anker’s lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.

And in my opinion…

I tend to like Anker products and find them excellent value for money. I’ve tested a few in the past and also bought a lot.

This is no different. I totally recommend this screen protector as it, in my opinion, is no doubt a thumbs up!


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