MoKo Case For Apple Pencil

MoKo Apple Pencil Case
So what about this pencil pocket?

Have you heard about MoKo as a brand? If not, do yourself a favour and go search for it.

I confess that I didn’t know about their products until very recently when I bought this Apple Pencil case. Now I’m in the mid of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon 1.

The pocket – or sleeve – is convenient and I’m finding it to be practical to carry the Apple Pencil around. It is very solid (unless you force it to bend) and the materials are – and feel – good.

The measures are spot on, and the pencil is fully protected. I’ve been carrying this pencil case in my backpack for a couple of weeks now and no dents whatsoever (I’m not that careful when throwing things into my backpack). As I’m not careful with this type of stuff I’d expect some soon, but none so far.

When I received the case, I wasn’t sure whether I liked the elastic band or not. I’ve found it to be a bonus. The elastic band keeps it attached to my iPad case. So it’s always with me for when I need it (it gives me some flexibility without compromising the iPad cover size).

In summary, a resistant product that I would definitely recommend Apple Pencil users to buy.

Oh! And did I mention that you get all this for just a bit more than a fiver?

What would I like to see in this case?

The case is simple yet nicely made, and it fits the purpose. As said, the elastic band is a good thing to have as it keeps the pencil always near the iPad. However, it would be beneficial to have the option of detaching the elastic band from the case and replacing it with a pen clip instead. Having both at the same time wouldn’t be a good solution, but having the option to use the best for the moment would be really nice.

And in my opinion…

Of all this experience I learned about a new brand, bought a good quality product and didn’t spend much money on it. Definitely a thumbs up.

  1. Here’s a good explanation of this phenomenon. 

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