JETech Case Cover For The iPad Pro 10.5

Couldn’t wait

When I ordered my new iPad Pro 10.5“ (on the day it became available online), I was told that the delivery would be in a week from that day. I knew I still had time but getting a cover was kind of high priority (yes, I like how the iPad looks but I’m not courageous enough to let it ”naked”).

So off I went to search for one.

There were not so many available by then, and the one that immediately caught my eye was this one by JETech’s. It seemed to tick all the boxes. I searched a little bit further, but in the end, I ordered the JETech to be delivered the next day. It stood there, on my desk, for a week.

But it wasn’t wasted time. I could actually start my review.

It came in a simple JETech branded plastic bag together with a little piece of paper showing what to do to activate the warranty.

The cover was delivered in good conditions (yes, you wonder when looking at how thin the plastic bag was) and in-between the back and front parts there was a layer of Polyurethane (a.k.a protective foam).

The iPad cover itself is of excellent quality, lightweight, robust and resistant. It protects both back and front of the iPad, and also around its edges (which is something I always look for in such a cover!).

The cover has 3 angles to stand on, and for most situations, these are good enough (there’ll always be the odd exception when you need that additional angle but, as said, it’ll be the exception). Overall, it feels very comfortable when you hold it in your hand, and it’s also quite sturdy when standing on a desk.

And now, on to the real test

So the day finally arrived, and I got my hands on my new iPad. It was time for more testing. Yeah!

The iPad was easy to fit on the cover but not so easy to take it out (which is a good thing…I guess). The cover size is right for the iPad (still debating to myself if an additional 0.01mm bigger would be better though). Moreover, the speakers, mic, jack and back camera holes are very accurate so you can enjoy sound and photos in full. The buttons are very accessible too.

If you are wondering, the auto sleep and wake functions have not been forgotten. They work as expected. I throw my iPad into my backpack every day, so this is an important feature. Having the magnet in the cover not only allows the convenience of sleep/wake features but it also gives me the confidence that the lid will not open when I’m carrying the iPad around (and, therefore, not wasting battery unnecessarily).

And after the iPad, the Apple Pencil arrived…

There’s no room for the Pencil on the cover. I won’t say this negatively affects this review as not everyone has an Apple Pencil so perhaps having a hole or an elastic strap would actually ruin the user experience for those that don’t own one. However, in my opinion, having a smart solution for this problem would bring this cover to another level.


In summary, the JETech’s cover is well made, offers warranty and is offered at an excellent price. So, thumbs up for this one.


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