Anker Universal Car Mount

Ready, steady, go!

Think about when you get into your car. Everything’s ready for you to set off, and you want your phone to be handy (and I don’t just mean to give you directions but also to help you sneak preview callers names or to ensure the right podcast is playing, while you drive safely).

Have you ever felt frustrated because you forgot (again!) to buy a car mount and your phone keeps flying around with any turn you do? Or, perhaps, because your vehicle mount was not meant for your particular device or you have multiple devices and the “universal” car mount is…well…too universal to the point that no phone fits in?

I’ve been there before and experienced both scenarios. Neither is nice.

So keep reading this review and, as a bonus, I’ll tell you a secret later. If at this point, you’re thinking about stop reading because you don’t own a car, my suggestion is that you continue because there might be something useful in my secret for you too.

A car mount that suits your needs

Anker’s universal car mount is made of 2 main parts: A magnetic base where a metallic ball attaches to, and a magnetic plate that sticks onto your phone (or phone case). Let the magnets play their magic, and the plate on the phone is attracted to the base, keeping it stable and secure during your journey.

The metallic sphere works wonders in keeping the phone steady but also in making it really easy to adjust with one hand until the phone gets to the perfect position. I’ve used air vent car mounts before. The advantage of this model is that the 3M adhesives can be placed on any flat surface where it feels more comfortable for you, which ultimately leads to a better and safer drive.

And worry not. The car mount is steady but small enough for not attracting undesirable looks while the car is parked.

Conclusion (and my secret revealed)

This is a compact and truly universal car mount that you cannot go wrong with (provided your devices have the dimensions suggested by Anker). At first, I wasn’t sure about the magnetic plate system, especially because of how it looks on my phone. However, I’ve found out that it works just great if it gets stuck on the inside of the phone’s cover.

Also, because it comes with a couple of magnetic plates, it can be used with multiple devices. And the 3M adhesives make it easy to remove the base from the car so it can be utilised elsewhere.

And now on to my secret: I don’t own a car at the moment, but I’ve recently rented one and used this car mount for a long trip. The car mount comes with a couple of stickers, so it was not an issue to use it and remove it from the rented car. But, am I going to throw the car mount away or leave it to gain dust because I don’t have my own car? Not at all! This works great on your desk too. And, because Anker provides additional stickers and pads, I can always bring it with me for some more trips!…

If you have any thoughts about car mounts, leave a comment below.


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