MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard

MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard
My quest to find a keyboard

When I was looking for a keyboard to use with my iPad Pro 10.5-inch, I knew exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and knowing exactly what I need, made me reject nearly all the keyboards that came up on my research.

I use the iPad a lot but not always with a keyboard, and I don’t mind typing on the iPad’s glass if that means keeping it slim. I might compose emails with the iPad’s own keyboard, but prefer an external one for tasks like writing long form texts such as this article or having a go with Apple Playgrounds where there’s not much screen space to write code on. Furthermore, I wanted a quality product without spending a fortune on it.

Initially, I was looking at Apple’s smart keyboard (the smart connector is indeed very attractive). It’s no doubt a good one, but way too expensive for my needs. Then I looked at Logitech’s Slim Combo, but reviews say it’s not that slim. These two (and similar ones) boost your productivity no doubt, but they’re not what I needed (I said before, sometimes ignorance is bliss!). I kept searching and eventually came across a portable solution sold at a nice price.

An ultra-thin portable keyboard

MoKo has a portable keyboard that works really well with all the main operating systems 1

The keyboard is light, ultra-thin and nearly the size of a full-size keyboard when unfolded (328.06mm x 101.99mm x 5.8 mm). However, when folded, is just slightly bigger than an iPhone 7. This is portable! And I like to have the option of folding it and get the keys protected.

I get that if the keyboard is not attached to the iPad, then you might not have it when you need it the most. But this option gives me the freedom to choose. Most often I carry the iPad in a backpack, and so I can always throw the keyboard in there too. Even when I hold the iPad, the keyboard is not big or heavy enough for me to decide not to carry it.

Folding the keyboard turns it off automatically which is a great way to save battery. Unfolding wakes it up and connects it to the last device used. If the device that it’s pairing with is a different one just press the Bluetooth key and it’s ready to go (yes, it’s that easy, and it’s very well identified in the Bluetooth devices list). And speaking of special keys, it is definitely worth mentioning its shortcut keys for copy/cut/paste, select all, music/volume controls and search functions 2.

This universal keyboard has 2 tiny lights that are very discrete when switched off but very noticeable when on. One is the power/charging indicator which is green (or red if the battery is low) and, when used in conjunction with the Fn Key, also shows the battery status by flashing the little green light. The other one is blue, and you’ll see it when the keyboard is pairing via Bluetooth, or green to show when the Caps Lock is on. The latter is something most portable keyboards lack and, in my opinion, it’s a handy feature (for example when typing passwords).

Changing the keyboard (a micro-USB cable is supplied) takes less than 2 hours, and a full charge should give it plenty of working time. MoKo suggests 40 hours. I had charged mine once when I got the keyboard and have been using it since, so I trust this estimate.

Last but not least, one word about the shape of the keyboard. It reminds me of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard that I used many moons ago. I didn’t find it difficult to use the Moko’s keyboard, but some users might do a little at the beginning. Not for long though. I found the keys to be very responsive and the keyboard comfortable to use 3.


This is indeed a universal, light, ultra-thin and portable keyboard. It might not be a keyboard for heavy users, but it is definitely a good choice for those who, like me, are looking for a portable keyboard that can be taken and used according to the task at hand. I have no reservation in giving this keyboard a big thumbs up!

  1. Most of this review is based on my findings using the keyboard with iOS devices, though I’ve also tried it on Android. 
  2. Suggest reading the user manual as function keys have different meanings depending on the operating system being used. 
  3. This and other reviews on this site have been written with the MoKo’s universal keyboard. 

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