AnsTOP Dual-Layer Protective Cover

 AnsTOP Dual-Layer Protective Cover
Cover: To use or not to use one?

I enjoy reading and listen to people debating on whether iPhones should be treated as a beautiful piece of art that is too good to be covered or whether protection is a must because although it’s a piece of art, it is an expensive one.

Personally, I like to have my phone covered not only because it’s a pricey gadget but also because I find it to be too slippy without a case. But that’s me.

Most often, this debate is for standard cases, so when I got this one to review, I started thinking how enthusiasts would apply their arguments for a Dual Layer iPhone case.

In the end, I believe it’s a matter of personal taste. But I could see all the questions floating around: “do I need the front and the back cover?”; “will it make my iPhone too bulky?”; and so on.

The iPhone goes in the middle

The case arrived in a simple, yet professional brown card box with all the components very well accommodated: Two-layer case, two screen protectors (more about them later!) and dust removal and installation paraphernalia. I noticed that there wasn’t any “how-to/warranty” booklet which could have been handy for those with less experience in applying screen protectors or, to provide additional information about AnsTOP. Only the company’s logo is displayed outside of the box. With a small booklet, there would be the opportunity to add more information about the business and the product itself.

But let me go to first things first!

There were two key questions in the back of my mind when I started reviewing this product. Will the case add volume to my iPhone; and how will it look like with a front cover (I’d never had one before).

The cover is made of a light thin plastic material and it offers protection to the phone without adding volume. It is not a shockproof case to use in radical sports and, unlike silicone protective cases, it might break if it hits the floor. However, under regular use, it does its job well and protects the back and front of the phone from scratches.

The iPhone goes in the middle with the case wrapping it nicely. All the buttons (home, microphone and speakers, camera, etc.) are perfectly aligned with the holes in the case. The volume and sleep buttons are covered but very accessible.

I like to use screen protectors on my iPhone7. One of my main complaints about standard-sized protectors is that they leave a tiny bit of the phone’s bezel unprotected. The dual-layer case resolves this problem without adding bulkiness to the phone. Aesthetically it looks ok, but that is a very personal opinion, so I leave you to judge from this article’s photo or from AnsTOP website.

The case comes with two rectangle-shaped screen protectors. I did a quick search and was not able to find replacements with this exact cut. However, tempered glass screen protectors are typically very resistant, and they last for a long time under normal use. Having two supplied with the AnsTOP case gives me confidence that I won’t be needing a replacement for a long time.

But what if I do? Well, then just use a standard-sized screen protector. AnsTOP suggests using the supplied one because it avoids overlapping between the case and protector. Also, it makes it slightly easier to access the Home button as there is nothing between the case and the phone. Apart from that, for testing purposes, I used the case with both the supplied one and a standard one. Both achieved pretty good results.

The last word goes to how fashionable your iPhone can get with this cover. If you don’t mind having a front cover and own a couple of these cases, it can actually be a good option for changing your iPhone’s colour frequently. The cover is offered in black, red, gold, and rose gold.


AnsTOP’s protective dual-layer case is thin but hard enough to protect the front and back of your phone from scratches without adding too much volume to it (do not drop the case though). All the cuts are in familiar places leaving the home button, speakers, camera and mic ready for use. Volume and sleep buttons are protected but easily accessible.

The case comes with two tempered glass screen protectors covering the area left visible by the case. These are of high quality.

The case and screen protectors provide a full cover for the phone. From me, this product gets a thumbs up.


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