A Brief Overview: Drafts 5 For iOS


A Brief Overview: Drafts 5 for iOS

I recently checked my “purchased apps” list on the App Store and found Drafts 3, an app that I bought five years ago, and immediately conquered a spot on both my iPhone and iPad’s dock. When Drafts 4 was released, it replaced its ancestor. For the past five years, Drafts 3 and 4 have been essential apps in my productivity workflow.

Today, Drafts 5 has been released, and it’s already a mission critical app in my system.

So Simple And Yet So Powerful

On the Agile Tortoise’s website, it reads Drafts. Where text starts. I’ve been lucky enough to have tested Drafts 5 for the past couple of months, and this certainly resonates with my experience.

I use the app on all my devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) for a lot of different purposes. From merely writing text and copy it to the clipboard, to more complicated actions involving automation and script-based actions.

But let me surprise you. I can’t write scripts myself! 1

And I don’t need to! To take advantage of the great features that Drafts 5 has to offer, all I need is to visit the action directory and search for the actions that resolve the problems I’m facing. There’s also a very supportive community in a newly created forum that I recommend visiting.

Another feature that I can’t praise highly enough is the ability to create custom keyboards.

Are you writing a blog post using Markdown? Then use the MD custom keyboard. Are you entering a to-do item in Todoist or Things3? You guessed it; there are specific keyboards for that too. Tired of swapping between letters and numbers on the iPhone/iPad? Create a custom keyboard with numbers from 1 to 02 or any other combination that you fancy. Time to write your daily entry in DayOne using a specific format and always the same tags? Or sending an email or SMS to one person or a group? Yes! Yes! Your actions can also be part of your custom keyboards!

Finally a word for tagging and workspaces, new features introduced by Drafts 5, that I use a lot. They are invaluable for filtering and categorising my writing. They’ve been a super powerful addition.

3…2…1… It’s Here!

Drafts 5 is an outstanding and attractive app that provides a beautiful, easy to use canvas to capture text, and a set of automation tools to speed up the entire processing step.

Moreover, the app is free, and if you’d like to unlock themes, icon customisation, action editing, workspaces and other advanced features, you definitely should consider the Pro subscription.

Drafts 5 has just launched, and it’s taken over my devices’ dock already. That means, a big thumbs up!

To know all about Drafts 5, besides the official documentation, I’d strongly recommend the in-depth reviews by Tim Nahumck at Macstories, and Rosemary Orchard.

  1. I can read scripts and tweak them when and as required though. 
  2. No kidding, this is one of my most used keyboards! 

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