Nebo Understands My Handwriting

Nebo Understands My Handwriting After resisting for a long time, I gave in and ended up buying it. And I’m so happy that I did... Nebo by MyScript is an excellent app, and it totally deserves being mentioned here. Before you proceed reading though, be aware that on iOS (the version I've tested) this app… Continue reading Nebo Understands My Handwriting


Photo Management Workflow

Backups can get out of sync We all know what a mess it is when photo backups get out of sync. If you are anything like me, you don’t like a mess, especially on a topic like this. I’m not taking thousands of photos each year, but those I shoot you bet I’ll do anything… Continue reading Photo Management Workflow


Grammarly Keyboard for iOS

Grammarly keyboard for iOS A few months ago I heard about Grammarly from Katie Floyd, and as I was starting this blog, I thought it'd be a good time to give it a try. I was well impressed with the high quality of its editing options, and since I write a lot at work too… Continue reading Grammarly Keyboard for iOS


Anker Soundbuds Surge

Intro As you, my dear reader, might have noticed from my blog posts, I do like to experiment with earphones. I'm not an audiophile so spending thousands of Pounds (or Euros or Dollars) in them is not my thing, but find great ones at an affordable price is. Bring the mic closer to the mouth… Continue reading Anker Soundbuds Surge


Rhodesy Octopus Style Tripod

Landscapes and still objects I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but I'm by no means a real photographer. Also, although I'm curious about photo editing apps, I've never found a perfect use case to deep dive into one. This blog is giving me the excuse to do both, and I've been learning a good deal about… Continue reading Rhodesy Octopus Style Tripod


Anker Powerline+ 6Ft Lightning

Nylon-braided cables are a safe bet It's been a few years now since I bought my first nylon-braided cable and never looked back. There's always a place in my toolkit for them. And, generally speaking, I fancy the idea of having nylon-braided cables. Firstly, because they're so much more resistant 1; and secondly, because I… Continue reading Anker Powerline+ 6Ft Lightning


AnsTOP Dual-Layer Protective Cover

Cover: To use or not to use one? I enjoy reading and listen to people debating on whether iPhones should be treated as a beautiful piece of art that is too good to be covered or whether protection is a must because although it's a piece of art, it is an expensive one. Personally, I… Continue reading AnsTOP Dual-Layer Protective Cover